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With ASAsense, as a global expert in environmental sound sensing, we heavily invest in R&D activities, typically focused on specific smart sound detection and analysis applications. With a deep understanding of sound and vibrations, we develop and deploy smart sensing solutions, transforming what can be classified as noise into actual insights on what your surroundings are telling you.
We can create tailored solutions that address the unique needs you have, whether you are seeking to optimize road maintenance, improve safety standards in your city, or enhance environmental monitoring.

We offer a complete service, including translating your requirements into formal specifications, the design and realization of hardware and embedded software for data capture and sensor data management, the  application of machine learning algorithms for data analysis and computational modelling, as well as the development of web-based front-ends for data visualization and presentation.  

From initial consultation to implementation and beyond – our team of experts is dedicated to your project. Whether you have a unique challenge to overcome or simply want to explore the possibilities, we’re here to help you navigate the world of sound and vibration sensing successfully .


From noise and vibration to valuable insights on the quality of your roads with one simple sensor


Our extensive knowledge on smart sound capturing helps you ti monitor your environment in real time.

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Let ASAsense be your guiding partner through a world that is increasingly focused on understanding the noise throught smart sound analysis.


The Paris Sensor Network The GRAFIC research project, a collaborative effort between the University of Cergy-Pontoise, Bruitparif, Ifsttar, and Ghent University.


On behalf of the City of Antwerp, we mapped the soundscape and the perception of tranquility of 8 urban parks in Antwerp, in the framework of the city policy on urban quiet areas.


Noise, mostly of low-frequency nature, generated by sources within this area, is often a cause of annoyance for residents of the nearby city of Oostvoorne, located 3km to the south of the area. In order not to impede potential future expansion of the Rotterdam harbour, it is important that the sources and mechanisms of this problem are known.


The MobiSense imec.icon project, which ran from October 1, 2017 until September 30, 2019, aimed at efficiently creating spatio-temporal information on road surfaces and their wear, based on opportunistic sensing on-board of ordinary vehicles.