The Paris Sensor Network

The GRAFIC research project, a collaborative effort between the University of Cergy-Pontoise, Bruitparif, Ifsttar, and Ghent University.


Unveiling the Urban Symphony:
The GRAFIC Project

In the bustling cityscape of Paris, where the symphony of urban sounds weaves through every street, a groundbreaking endeavor unfolds. The GRAFIC research project, a collaborative effort between the University of Cergy-Pontoise, Bruitparif, Ifsttar, and Ghent University, sets out with a singular mission: to craft intricate maps capturing the intricate tapestry of urban soundscapes with unprecedented precision.

At its core lies the vibrant 13th district of Paris, chosen as the canvas for this innovative study. The endeavor demands a dual approach: long-term sound measurements spanning strategic locations within the district to ensure comprehensive spatial coverage, and a meticulous street-level characterization of the soundscape, ideally achieved through agile, mobile setups.

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Ingenious Solutions:
ASAsense to the Rescue

Enter ASAsense, with their ingenious solution poised to revolutionize the field. Through a strategic partnership, ASAsense furnishes 24 cost-effective sound measurement stations on a rental basis, a critical backbone for the GRAFIC project spanning 18 transformative months.

These stations, seamlessly integrating into the urban landscape, find their perch on the facades of volunteer dwellings, meticulously capturing sound levels across 1/3-octave bands with a remarkable temporal resolution of 125 milliseconds.

The magic unfolds as data flows effortlessly to ASAsense servers via the internet, where a sophisticated array of algorithms springs into action. In real-time, a myriad of aggregated indicators is meticulously computed, offering researchers a panoramic view of the district’s auditory tapestry. Both raw and processed data stand at their disposal, empowering deep insights into the complex interplay of urban sound dynamics.

Mobile Melodies: Capturing the Ephemeral Essence

But the ingenuity doesn’t end there. Complementing the fixed installations are 5 mobile measurement stations, unleashing researchers to traverse the labyrinthine streets, capturing the ephemeral essence of the soundscape. Armed with batteries offering 8 hours of autonomy, these stations become silent sentinels, tirelessly recording the urban melody for subsequent analysis and source recognition.

Echoes of Innovation: Beyond Parisian Streets

In the annals of urban research, the GRAFIC project stands as a testament to innovation and collaboration. As publications delve into the technical intricacies, inviting scholarly discourse, the ripple effects of this endeavor are poised to resonate far beyond the cobblestone streets of Paris. For those curious minds seeking deeper understanding or eager to embark on their own sonic odyssey, the doors are wide open. Reach out, inquire, and join the symphony of discovery.

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