Smart sound sensing

ASAsense provides cloud-based environmental sensing solutions based on the in-depth analysis of sound and vibration. Networks of sensors that recognize sounds, localize sources and estimate other parameters based on this information (such as road surface state), are just a few examples; the possibilities are endless. Currently, the services of ASAsense are oriented towards road surface monitoring (Roads) and ambient sound monitoring (Sounds).


With Roads, we provide up-to-date and objective information on the surface state of all roads, only a mouse click away, at a much lower cost than current road inspection services. Roads is available as a service for public road authorities (cities, municipalities) and commercial construction firms.


With Sounds, we develop and deploy smart sensor network solutions for environmental monitoring, tailored to your specific needs, with a passion for sound and vibration. We offer a complete service, including the realization of hardware and software for data capture, analysis and presentation.

Research projects

With ASAsense, we heavily invest in R&D activities, typically focused on specific applications. Some of our contract work also involves substantial research and development. These research projects allows us to keep our services at the state-of-the-art.

About us

Our team has 60+ years of combined experience in acoustics, audio signal processing, sensor networks and environmental monitoring and assessment (sound, vibration as well as air pollution).