Harmonizing the Urban Symphony:
A Quest for Tranquility in Antwerp's Parks

On behalf of the City of Antwerp, we mapped the soundscape and the perception of tranquility of 8 urban parks in Antwerp, in the framework of the city policy on urban quiet areas.


Urban parks promise refuge, but the perception of tranquility varies

In the midst of Antwerp’s urban chaos, finding moments of peace and serenity can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Urban parks promise refuge, but the perception of tranquility varies, and the cacophony of city life often infiltrates these green sanctuaries, disrupting the desired sense of calm.

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ASAsense on a mission to decode the secrets of tranquility within the city's parks

Unveiling the sonic landscape:
Equipped with cutting-edge mobile sound measurement stations, discreetly nestled within backpacks, our team ventured into the heart of Antwerp’s green havens. Over the course of a month, these stations meticulously mapped the soundscape of eight urban parks, capturing every whisper and rustle along the pathways.

Precision in every note:
With the precision of a virtuoso conductor, our technology recorded sound levels and GPS coordinates at a staggering rate of every 125 milliseconds. This data symphony allowed us to decipher the intricate patterns of sound that shape the park experience.

Crafting a symphony of insights:
From the raw data emerged a cacophony of insights. Advanced noise metrics painted a vivid picture of each park’s auditory ambiance, categorizing sounds and identifying the sources of tranquility and discord.

Validating the harmonies:
But our quest didn’t stop with data. To validate our findings, we turned to those who intimately know these spaces—the park visitors themselves. Through face-to-face surveys with 660 individuals, we uncovered their perceptions of tranquility, bridging the gap between data and human experience.

Armed with our insights, we painted a picture of Antwerp’s most tranquil corners, guiding city policymakers in their quest to preserve and enhance these precious urban oases.

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