Our mission

Sound contains a wealth of information. Our mission is to deliver end-to-end services based on the in-depth analysis of sound and vibration. This entails recognizing sounds, localizing sound sources or estimating various parameters based on sound. Road traffic intensity, air pollution levels, or machine state diagnostics are just a few examples of the latter; the possibilities are endless. We apply the latest artificial intelligence algorithms for machine listening.

Applications of our Sounds technology are mainly situated in the following areas:

  • Environment: in-depth noise monitoring and soundscape analysis.
  • Health: assessment of noise annoyance & related health effects.
  • Security: intrusion detection and sound event recognition for security purposes.
  • Mobility: traffic noise mapping and noise emission-based traffic management.
  • Industry: process monitoring, diagnostics and predictive maintenance based on the analysis of sound.

Next to this, with Roads we provide a service to road authorities for monitoring the surface state of their roads.

About us

We are an expert engineering company, founded in 2015 as a spin-off of the Waves lab at Ghent University, building upon 60+ years of combined expertise in acoustics, sensor networks and environmental monitoring (sound, vibration, air pollution,…). The ASA in ASAsense stands for Auditory scene analysis, the ability through which humans analyze the sounds they hear.

Company information

ASAsense BV
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email: info@asasense.com

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